Welcome to EcoMummy's Kitchen!

We are proud to offer you our amazing 5-piece essential baking set. Our products are 100% ecological and BPA-free. Non-stick, microwave-oven- freezer-and dishwasher-safe!

Our fun colours and shapes make them great for little hands that want to help. Silicone products do not get too hot to the touch like metal products. However, always use caution and wear oven mitts.

These bright, cheerful and easy-to-clean cookware make for great gifts too! We love using them and we hope you will too!

Save time and money in the kitchen!

No need for parchment paper with the silicone baking mat. Our mat can line anything that would go directly on a cookie sheet or pan. Try rolling dough for pizza and bake directly on the mat! You never have to grease a pan again, your food will slide right out without sticking.

Non-toxic, our silicone cookware has no residue, smell or taste that could transfer to your food.

At EcoMummy’s Kitchen we want cooking to be easy and fun! Our silicone products can go from the freezer or fridge directly to the microwave or oven. And can handle temperatures from -40 to +440-degrees Fahrenheit.

Try our molds for muffins, cupcakes, cakes, brownies, squares, cookies, bars, baked pasta, lasagna, loafs, breads, pound cakes, quiches, and much more!

Clean with warm water and soap before first use (or toss in the dishwasher!).

You can fold, bend and stuff your molds just about anywhere and they won’t lose their shape! Do not use knives or sharp utensils on molds.

From our families to yours, happy cooking!